The Bulldog Uptown
3236 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115

Six words to sum up everything you need to know about this dog friendly New Orleans favorite: “No crawfish allowed inside!” says the sign. “We’re sorry.”

But before we praise it, let us preface it with a few caveats:

  1. You absolutely, positively have to get here early.
  2. They pack 33% more tables in the courtyard than they should.
  3. They don’t allow crawfish inside, which is a mortal sin in New Orleans.

Now, the opposite of a caveat, whatever that is:

  1. It’s the perfect spot for people watching on Magazine Street. Located between two great bars, across from the Breaux Mart and diagonal from the living nightmare that is Balcony Bar.
  2. They have a list of beers longer than the length of the hangover you’re bound to have.
  3. While you can’t bring your crawfish inside, it’s within smelling distance from the best boiler in the city.
  4. Dogs are most certainly welcome.

So, plan on a weekday. Plan on getting there early. And plan on maybe just bringing some Old Bay spice to occasionally dip your finger into without getting in trouble and you got a fine, fine spot.


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