303 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

It literally pains us to write about anything on/near/around/rhymes with Bedford Avenue. Maybe it’s because we’re getting older. Maybe it’s because we don’t feel comfortable using mom and dad’s credit cards anymore. Maybe it’s because we’ve stopped doing everything with a detached sense of superiority.

So when we tell you that Luckydog is so welcoming that we willingly put aside our [very correct, tasteful, intelligent, non-skinny jean wearing] bias, it saying something.

It’s not for a doggy date, it’s not for a human date. It’s for dog owners who don’t mind the Sex Pistols and Johnny Cash turned up a bit loud. It’s for people who swear they actually like the taste of PBR (lucky for them, Luckydog has it on tap). It’s a down-and-faux-dirty drinking hole where your dog can make friends and then probably go outside to smoke American Spirits or whatever with them.

And it’s wonderful.

So ride that fixie bike over to Luckydog and try hard not to spend all of your hard-earned Etsy money.


A group of dog lovers that enjoy a good game of fetch in the park, a cold drink at a sidewalk patio, and Instagramming dog selfies with the best of them. We're working hard to find the best stories about our shared dog culture for you and your best friend.