Bacchanal Wine
600 Poland Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70117

Last year, one of the biggest parties in New Orleans [re-read that so the gravity sinks in] was the second line [funeral] for this spot’s founder Chris Rudge.

Let’s break that down:

In the greatest city in America.

In a city known for it’s unspeakable naughtiness.

In a city that gives us Mardi Gras and Jazzfest…

A memorial service was one of the biggest parties of last year.

“We put the FUN in Funeral” says the bumper sticker. And they ain’t lying.

So why did a humble bar owner’s passing draw such a crowd [celebrity-studded at that]?

Because his Bacchanal Wine bar is absolutely the greatest dog friendly outdoor patio in the country.

We’ll repeat:

Because his Bacchanal Wine bar is the greatest dog friendly outdoor patio in the country. And other reasons. 

From the interior design—a refurbished old Creole home—to the little piece of Cajun heaven in the backyard, to its almost hidden location, or perhaps the live jazz and blues and zydeco on constant offering, or maybe the insane wine and beer and snack selection, or possibly it’s all the happy pups running around being nice to one another because it’s New Orleans baby and ain’t nobody got time for you if you ain’t.

The above is a grammatical nightmare, you may be thinking, and you’re probably right. 

But if such things are gonna bother you, then don’t go to Bacchanal.

‘Cause even if you can spell when you walk in, we promise you’ll have sold that ability for just One. More. Dry. Riesling.

Just don’t forget your dog—even if he asks you to.


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