Holy Water
309 Cortland Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94110

First of all—Bernal Heights?!

Trust us, we’re with you on that one. 

Fortunately, there are good things happening way, way out there in Bernal Heights and no other place is carrying the torch more than the folks behind Holy Water.

It’s fancy without making you dress fancy. It’s cocktails without the utterance of “mixology.” It’s high design, but you can kick your feet up. And it’s dog friendly, but you can still make fun of people who own cats [as well you should].

Like everything in the city, though, it should come with a few prefaces:

  • It can get crowded. So go early.
  • They keep flirting with a constant food offering, but it’s still sporadic.
  • It’s a perfect first Tinder date spot—which can be either great or gross.

All that being said, it’s a step-up from a neighborhood bar, and a step down from a slightly-too-fancy cocktail lounge.

With dogs.

Which means go [if you can find an Uber to take you allllll the way out there].


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