Foxy Loxy
1919 Bull Street
Savannah, GA 31401

Here’s how quirky, laid-back, and random the little gem of Foxy Loxy is.

A few minutes before sitting down to write this—hands covered in what was once a taco [more on that in a quick]—some guy sitting outside had his laptop stolen. He calmly came in, ordered a beer, told the waitress about it and is now sitting outside—sipping on said beer—talking to the cops.

So what does this immediately tell us?

  • This café is on the fringe of a bad neighborhood [by Savannah standards; by New York standards it’s like midnight on the L train]. 
  • People here are pretty laid-back. 
  • They have beer. 
  • They have tacos [best in the city]. 

Now, some things you might not know already:

  • The interior of this little Savannah cafe is a mix of Twin Peaks and a Seattle hipster bar. 
  • They have live music nightly. 
  • The selection of beer, coffee, and snacks is fantastic. 
  • There are nice little alcoves and upstairs spots for you to work. 
  • Friendly dogs can hang out on the patio and out front.
  • Walking away from your laptop anywhere is an invitation to have it bamboozled.

So get yourself down to Foxy Loxy. Be an adult and have a coffee or be a Savannahian and have a beer.

Just make sure to get Fido a nice big bowl of water.

And make sure to get a nice big plate of tacos. Oh, and don’t leave your laptop unattended. 


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