Caribou Café
1126 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Two tables, that’s it.

Deux tableaux, c’est tout.

Please remember that before we start gushing all over this little tasty macaron of a spot.

In a city that does Belgian bars better than any other in the nation, why it’s strangely devoid of good Parisian cafés is beyond us.

It’s France and Belgium, right? How different can they be? We saw both of them in three days last summer.

But back to Caribou Café. Fantastic, fantastic spot. Old dark tones meet even older, darker pours of Burgundy. Here you’ll find the usual Parisian suspects —croques and crepes, confit and croquette—alongside a few new twists—burger, mussels, pork shank—alongside a beer and wine bar.

It’s the two tables outside though, that keep us coming back—and cause us to warn you and chien. If you can nab one, kudos, you’ve found your perfect spot for the day. Enjoy the sunshine and foot traffic of Walnut and 12th passing by your unhurried paper-reading—you’ve earned it. Fido will like it because water is brought perfectly poured into his bowl—most likely because he never came up with the term “Freedom Fries.”

So, again, get there. Bistro your little derriere off.

Just don’t get all French and stuff if both of those tables are taken.


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