Natachee’s Supper & Punch
3622 Main Street
Houston, TX 77002

There are words in the English language that you can’t say without feeling happy.


And we’d be willing to bet that “supper” and “punch” are on the list as well.

Meaning that the folks behind the fabulous [see!] spot in question are onto something. And—with the name—they’re just getting started.

Located in the almost-artsy Forth Ward and victim to far too many wanna-be artsy types referring to the design as “kitschy” [it’s not], this come-sit-down and let’s-get-you-a-drink and then fill-you-up-with-some-proper-Southern-cuisine spot is quickly making its move from a solid brunch spot to an all-around all-hours attraction.

We say “attraction” because they’ve begun getting more and more live music in [not yet nightly, but close], as well as seeing more and more dog owners set up camp on the back patio.

It’s fun without asking too much.
It’s good food without the arrogance that sometimes comes with it.

But mostly, it’s a relaxed atmosphere that goes as well with a Sunday afternoon as it does a Thursday night.

Our vegetarian friends will also leave full and happy.

A strong 8.5 across the board.


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