The Wicked Hop
345 N. Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202

We start off every post about Milwaukee the same way—by stating this:

For the three summer months, Milwaukee is the best-kept secret in America.


No questions asked.

The best, nicest, prettiest, drunkest, happening-est secret in the country.

And we got nothin’ but love for ya.

But we also love dogs just as much, so here’s where we craftily tell you where you and Fido should be going this summertime.

Located in the heart of what makes this such a great city—the Historic Third Ward—this bi-level, music-obsessed spot is hardly an enigma among the city’s dog-owning beer drinkers, but few know what a find it is during the week.

What you’ll find: 10 tables outside—perfect for tying up your dog—and a nice breeze coming in off of the river [hopefully sans smell]. Venture inside and set your sights on a hefty offering of serious microbrews, some snacks that are ‘meh, fine’ sober, and ‘oh my god, fantastic’ drunk, though there’s nary a cheese curd in sight. You’ll do just fine ordering the ‘Von Bruenchenhein Pretzel Platter,’ inexplicably named after Milwaukee artist Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, whose 50-year career included erotic art and apocalyptic landscapes.

But we digress.

Bring a book. Bring your dog. Bring your thirst. And bring in some of your own curds.

[And leave before the music starts, as the volume has spooked more than one puppy.]


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