King’s Hardware
5225 Ballard Avenue N
Seattle, WA 98107

From the set of Twin Peaks and the mind of Seattle’s unofficial mayor, the famed Linda Derschang of Oddfellow’s/Bait Shop/Tallulah’s/Linda’s—all staples of Seattle since the late 80s—comes the quintessential Pacific Northwest experience in the form of one of the city’s best bars.

King’s Hardware.

A kaleidoscope of beards and flannel, of craft beers and music made by three-piece bands, a few warm rooms to escape the Seattle Freeze [a real thing that plagues the city—and we aren’t talking about weather].

Chairs that don’t belong.
Beams that most would cover.
And people that don’t seem to mind.

Add to this bartenders who’ll walk you through what they’re about to make you…even though you didn’t ask for it. Skeeball in the corner pairs nicely with a cold evening and some old jukebox tunes.

Best part? All the dogs running around. This is a Seattle pub, when it comes right down to it, so expect a pub-like atmosphere.

First date spot? No.
Fourth date spot? Yes. For the day after you all sleep together for the first time.

Craft beers.

And anything but crazy.


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