1205 East Brady Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Associating Mexican food with Milwaukee is like associating a bar in Tijuana with homemade cheese curds.

That is to say: It’s not something that you hear very often.

But this is America, and we ain’t gonna let something like cultural borders get in the way of being sh*tfaced on margaritas come happy hour.

Enter: Cempazuchi.

Located in the trying-so-hard-to-be-hip area of Brady, this shockingly cozy spot is constantly impressing those who do not come to be impressed. Décor is spot on, chef is adventurous, crowd is subdued, service is almost-amazing and food is best in the area… depending on who you ask.

Just do this:
Start with some hooch.

Add chips + the peanut salsa.

Have another drink.

Make sure your dog has a big bowl of water.

Order something with chorizo; resist ordering the fish tacos. They ain’t bad, but you can do better.

Drink. Eat. Pee.

Stumble home, stopping off at the Kilbourn Park for a potty break (only for your dog, though, please).

And — after the hangover wears off in a few weeks — repeat.


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