Whip In
1950 South Interstate Highway 35
Austin, TX 78704

“Keep Austin Weird.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We get it.

You all are sooooooo not part of Texas and look at your skinny jeans and vintage shoes and my god—that beard is about as long as SXSW is these days.

How unbelievably original.

While that might seem a little harsh, there has been an onslaught of Austin eating itself as of late—and not the good eating like you can do in Texas—we’re talking about cannibalizing what was once one of the country’s greater cities. But alas, the locals have been pushed north and there’s an Alamo Drafthouse on every corner.

However, there have been some doing this way before rich UT kids tried to pass themselves off as middleclass by wearing Daniel Johnston t-shirts…

And that place is Whip In.

You want true weird? How about a brewery + Indian food + patio + bottle shop + dog mecca + live music venue [one of the city’s best] + bar?

Take that, Salt Lick.

No joke—we’re talking sours and stouts, pilsners and pales, blondes and Belgians. And they also have beer! [mic drop]

Vegetarian nachos? Look no further.

Patio with dogs running wonderfully rampant? Check.

Just get here.

Get here and have a Quintessential Austin Experience before Urban Outfitters gets a patent on that phrase.


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