Le Pichet
1933 1st Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

Aside from the Park Avenue types with their weird little dogs in ludicrously expensive strollers, there’s an assumption that in any dog-friendly bar there will, in fact, be dogs running around.

Nothing wrong with that—obviously—but most of us don’t associate fancy with furry (save for that one party we went to in Berlin back in ‘97).

But this presents un petit problème. While you may be in the mood to get gussied up, order an entire bottle of wine, eat off little plates and pronounce ‘croissant’ ‘kwa-ssant,’ most fine dining establishments will make poor Fido stay home.

Fortunately, the pioneers of sticking up their middle fingers at dining rules—the French—have created a safe spot in Seattle ready for both your cher and your chien.

Le Pichet.

A perfect pairing of breakfast and Burgundy, puppies and poivre, wine and water bowls.

Like all good cafe Français, there are limited tables outside for you and your dog, but that’s perfect. No one wants bottom-sniffing when one is trying to sniff a cheese board that, quite frankly, smells of bottom.

Get there early. Grab a table. Sit. Drink. Feel fancy.

But don’t be surprised if your pooch turns up his nose at the plebeian offerings in the kibble bowl once he’s home.


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