The Tilted Stick
4970 Voltaire Street

San Diego, CA 92107

As hard as San Diego tries to be gritty at times, it ain’t.

Which is even more impressive when you consider it’s right between Tijuana and Los Angeles. It’s almost harder to be fancy.

And that’s what San Diego is, even the places like OB. It’s fancy.

So when you have a proper dive bar, it’s not terrible, they let you bring your dogs and again — it’s not terrible, then it simply must be celebrated.

Meet The Tilted Stick.

Even a quick peek at the website — an homage to the first website ever made, we can only assume — will tell you exactly what you’re in for. But look beyond that and you’ll realize that perhaps they don’t give a [expletive] about looking proper, about fitting in, and would much rather focus on getting you drunk in good company, with good beer, surrounded by [who’s a] good boy[s].

The draft beer selection puts many in the city to shame, the menu is as filthy as your dog’s nose is gonna be after being alllllll up in some stranger’s bottoms, and the patio — filled with bikes, boards, and bones — might just be your favorite non-fancy place this summer.

The Tilted Stick — probably brought to you by Purell.


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