Park Chow
1240 9th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94122

It would be a very, very easy thing to simply exist happily in a touristy area—especially the little pieces of Gold[en] between the bridge and the museums—and serve decent food, with decent staff, make a decent drink, and be decent about dogs.

To be honest, this spot would do more than decently.

But they don’t. No, they do more than excellency. In fact, the amount of effort put into design, being completely on point [from what we could tell—don’t quote us on that because we know how San Francisco people are about organic truths] making old recipes seem new again, and having a throwback attitude of pure welcome. To top it all off, allowing our four-legged friends in means they get today’s hero cookie.

Get there between the rush for a patio seat, tie your pup up, start with the quinoa and move onto a word-fired pizza or—if on the menu and/or not sold out—the meatloaf. Stick around for a few drinks and a sunset that would cost you a lot more around town.

So here’s to overachieving [another characteristic of the city], and celebrating a spot that actually tries, and truly cares.


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