Mission Dolores
249 4th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

“Pork Slop.”
“Stroller Mafia.”
“The People’s Republic of Park Slope.”

…and a bevy of other nicknames we aren’t allowed to publish.

It’s easy to hate on the Slope—it really is. The softening of Brooklyn can probably be traced back to the first time a kale salad was priced more than an entire pizza and you can probably be sure that it happened somewhere near Prospect Park.

However, what lacks in Scorsese’s gritty city makes up for it in being far, far away from the quintessential quagmire that is being a pet-owner in Manhattan. Room to breathe. Places to walk. Less people from New Jersey or—even worse—Connecticut.

And Mission Dolores seemingly takes full advantage of the space with its offerings, such as an uber respectable beer selection, shockingly sizable back patio, nice people [nice people, you guys…in Brooklyn!], and plenty of dogs running around who are worth much more than you.

But—despite the wealth and people that come with it—everyone here is either a dog owner or a dog lover. Which makes for a most wonderful laid-back afternoon venue.

Only caveat is it gets far too crowded here at night. But none of us have night lives anyway, because we have dogs instead. Perfect.

dog friendly park slope brooklyn mission dolores bar

Dog friendly with friendly service. Image via Mission Dolores, foursquare.com.


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