Sentient Bean
13 East Park Avenue
Savannah, GA 31401

You know that old black t-shirt you have? Worn, but comfy. A little misshapen, but smells of time. Probably wouldn’t get you into a nice party, but in a shirt like that, who needs a nice party?

That’s gonna be The Sentient Bean.

It’s the worn favorite t-shirt of a bunch of people who could care less about your dress code.

And it could be its unique location that makes it so.

It’s located on the southern end of the jaw-dropping Forsyth Park, just next to a health food store and around the corner from the American Legion (best bar in Savannah, but keep that a secret).

Forsyth Park / Wikipedia

Forsyth Park / Wikipedia

But it’s also near that part of the park where the crusty kids with their military backpacks like to shout and play Frisbee with their dogs and tattoo each other’s faces.

All that makes Sentient Bean’s vibe a little homeless, a little hipster — as Anders Osborne likes to sing — “gutterpunks and gentlemen in straw hats.”

And you’ll see ‘em all here — some sipping on a kombucha, others plugging in [and occasionally using] electric razors. College kids and professors. First dates.

And, as waggle luck would have it, a few real animals in the pack. Musicians huddle around the tables outside with their pets and try to emulate Georgia’s pride-and-joy, Otis Redding.

It’s not so much the coffee, or snacks that make us include this in our Savannah list, but the people watching… and listening.

And sometimes smelling.

But that could just be the vegan snacks.

Embrace it, baby. This is Savannah.


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