It began with a four-legged fugitive. A dog on the run.

Enter ISL, DC’s coolest dog friendly agency office and home to five four-legged regulars. When one of ISL’s resident dogs made an escape from the ISL office, Senior Creative Strategist Samya Behary had the idea to develop an office integrated system with the ability to keep track of where the office dogs were at all times. From concept to completion, Samya and her colleagues collaborated to bring PAW—“Puppies at Work”—to fruition.

Just a couple short months after the idea came about, PAW launched on March 23rd—National Puppy Day. The final product is a Slack-integrated loT tracking system. Slack is on every team member’s desktop and mobile device, so if a dog goes missing the whole team will receive a notification to be on the lookout.

The benefits of PAW are twofold. First, the tracking portion allows dog owners to keep tabs on their four-legged pal at all times. The tracking feature is also beneficial in case of emergency, allowing the team to account for the location of the office dogs and quickly respond. Second, the personalizable dashboard allows owners to list their dog’s likes, dislikes, and everything in between. Once complete, each dog’s profile is made available to the office staff [so they can be sure to have Fido’s favorite treats on hand at all times].

While PAW is still an internal beta channel at the ISL office, plans are in the works to roll out PAW to the public. Samya hinted that several business have already expressed interest in utilizing PAW for their own offices, and the team has more exciting new features underway—such as a PAW-integrated leash that signals when a dog is out on a walk with his or her owner.

Dog friendly offices are the best kind of offices—and PAW makes those offices more welcoming and safe for the four-legged team members. The best part of working in a dog friendly office? Mondays. Yes, you read that right. “Every Monday, all the office dogs bust in the ISL door full of excitement. The dogs are pumped to be at work on a Monday, and that energy is contagious,” Samya explained.

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Erika Fitzgerald

A native Californian and New Yorker at heart, Erika’s love for dogs and travel led her to waggle. As waggle’s Editor in Chief, Erika oversees all editorial content and social media channels. She has a degree in English and years of experience working with both major global brands and startups.