Honey’s Sit and Eat [North]
800 North 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Aside from the outcome of the Civil War, height of hair and a slight disagreement in political pundits, there’s only one thing that makes the South truly hate the North:

The North’s attempts at soul food.

You all have scrapple, we have grits.

You have smoked fish on some unsugared donut, we have biscuits n’ gravy.

You all drink some fancy little mini-coffee and we have Folgers.

Lines have been drawn and why some people can’t respect that gives us the vapors.

However, when one of our own decides to take proper cooking up to y’all, well then that’s a different story.

Which brings us to Honey’s. Honey’s Sit and Eat, to be proper. The name helps to make sure you Yankees ain’t about to grab it to go and eat it while — shudder — walking.

A few rules that are worth mentioning:

  • It’s BYO, so come armed with a few bottles of bubbles.
  • It’s cash only. Keeps more of them crooked banker types from being bailed out.
  • Lassie can come with ya, and — if he’s nice — he can hang out on the patio.
  • It gets busy, so get there early and stop yer moaning about some BS called “OpenTable.” All of their tables are open.

And a few food tips you might need:

  • Your kale-dependent, easily-irritated, CrossFit-toned stomach isn’t going to be able to handle the Eggs Benedict, so don’t even try. Share it.
  • Home fries are to be had with breakfast. Seriously.
  • Yes, a pitcher of fresh OJ is $16. That’s a lot of oranges and unless you gonna call Sherman and his tank back to help, it takes a lot of time to mash.

… So get on down to Honey’s, honey.

In 4-5 days, you’ll be hungry again.


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