The Joint
701 Mazant Street
New Orleans
, LA 70117

While one doesn’t immediately think of BBQ when coming to a city known for her oysters, po’boys, and crawfish, let it be known that we found this spot by asking our local cab driver to take us to the “best local spot in town that would have few to no tourists.”

“The Joint!” he said. “Alllllllllways smokin’.”

He said it just like that, so help us God.

We assumed it was just a reference to the food.
We had no idea it was an all-encompassing statement.

From the ramshackle look to the wide-open interior, the smells and offerings and the bar and some true locals smackin’ on ribs with less-than-a-full-set-of-teeth, to the cozy outdoor area where you can ruin that nice white shirt and your dog can catch whiffs of the smoker—it’s no wonder why the city is desperate to keep this one a secret. Make no mistake, The Joint serves up New Orleans BBQ like none other.

For you: Go for the brisket, potato salad, an Abita Amber, and some peanut-butter pie.

For the pooch: Their water is served before yours. Keep ‘em close to you for fear of them going all “damn the torpedoes” on the trash bin full of dirty napkins.

Just don’t got telling too many people, ya hear?


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