1505 Town Creek Drive
Austin, TX 78741

A decade ago, mentioning you were headed anywhere West of I-35, especially anywhere near Oltorf, was like asking someone in New York City to take a romantic walk with through Alphabet City in the 1980s.

Translated: You’re asking for it.

But — as we’ve stated before — the once-true grit of Austin has since been replaced with overpriced movie theaters showing reboots of True Grit. These days, if you want danger, then you have to go all the way to San Antonio.

Oltorf is hip.

Need proof? Allow us to present exhibit A: Buzzmill.

Think Nick Hornby, Notle and Offerman’s love child with a restricted trust fund. The money is there, but will only be so if it’s shown to be working.

You end up with a spot that was once a between-show snack spot from the neighboring Emo’s, now its own respectable coffee house / bar / food truck platform / weird wilderness class offering place.

Dog-friendly, obviously, because it’s Austin (and we’re waggle), but the big draw here is the dichotomy of over-caffeinated students, over-eager pet owners and over-it-all true Austin locals.

It’s kind of one of those whatever-you-want-it-to-be spots.

And in a town hell bent on making you conform to its non-conformity, that’s a good place to be.


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