Rock Bottom Brewery
740 North Plankinton Ave #1
Milwaukee, WI 53203

Look: If we ever stoop as low as to review a chain, you should know we searched for any reason not to.

We hate chains.

[So does your dog, btw. Spend $20 and get them a comfortable leash/collar.]

Here’s what we kinda expected to hold against Rock Bottom Brewery:

  • The burger: Usually, with a chain, it’s safe. No character. So imagine our surprise when we asked for ours medium-rare and it came out just as we ordered, with a few surprises: Extra juicy, good seasoning, fresh veggies. No shrinking violet beef patties here.
  • The staff: Perhaps it was Mike Judge who made us roll our eyes at anyone with “flair,” but chains are usually vanilla when it comes to who they hire. Not the case here. In fact, just the opposite.
  • Beer selection: With a chain, you wouldn’t expect management to care about ensuring the brews impress the locals — but at Rock Bottom, they most certainly do.
  • Dog rules: Given America’s litigious streak — suing is as hotly defended as gun rights and absurdly-sized steaks — you’d think Rock Bottom would be all up their own asses when it comes to putting your pup on the patio, but they aren’t. Just keep Fido leashed.
  • The crowd: Chains draw bros. Bros do shots of Fireball and then high-five each other. Not the case here. We didn’t even see any Fireball.

So we did try. We tried real, real hard to keep Rock Bottom off our radar. But as far as chains go, Rock Bottom is — kinda paradoxically —  at the top of the heap.


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