Presidio Social Club
563 Ruger Street 
San Francisco, CA 94129

Admit it. Deep, deep down, you’ve always wanted to be a member of some sort of club that involves drinking, but does not involve throwing some sort of ball into some sort of cup in some sort of sad attempt at making light beer and bland friends exciting.

Well, the wait is over—San Francisco [of all places] is home to a club you can afford [because it’s free].

The Presidio Social Club! Yes! Just imagine your friends’ reactions when you invite them to “the club” for “some drinks.” Think of the street cred. Think of the nods of online approval. Think of the hashtags!

And that’s not all. No ma’am. It just so happens to all take place in a throwback spot, with delicious morsel offerings, all under the watchful eye of owner Gio— a godfather, of sorts, to all of those who make enough to go out at night, but not enough to stay out all night. You can come here for happy hour [and the views], stay for dinner—and even a cheeky little digestif—and leave without having to drive for Uber on the weekend.

For the dogs—it’s to the patio, perfectly sized for medium-to-small dogs. Sophisticated and social, of course.

We can find you at the club! Pocket full of…doggy potty bags. Anyway…

An absolute treat.

[Insider tip: Start with the deviled eggs and a Bellini. Mmm.]


A group of dog lovers that enjoy a good game of fetch in the park, a cold drink at a sidewalk patio, and Instagramming dog selfies with the best of them. We're working hard to find the best stories about our shared dog culture for you and your best friend.