Mojo Bicycle Cafe
639 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Pairing the words mojo, bicycle, and cafe together would typically evoke a choir of hipstered angels singing out in intentionally off-key unison waving flipped up caps and empty American Spirit cartons—the pure epitome of what brought down Brooklyn a decade ago.

Add to that overpriced coffee, mediocre snacks, and more boys wearing jean shorts than girls.

So why is this San Francisco coffee spot even being mentioned?

Because they teeter that fine, fine line between assertive and abrasive, offering up bike repairs alongside happy dogs next to the newest European description for what is basically coffee and steamed milk, a crowd that looks like they’d be annoying, but actually just turn out to dress annoying. And—of course—craft beers.

Get there during a weekday afternoon and you’ll have the breeze coming off of The Painted Ladies paired with an impressive happy hour. Best to miss eating anything but light here—the chef is still as timid as the owner’s attitude towards having a café sans wifi [the horror!], but your dog will like it, as will your mustache and irony.


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