Moon River Brewing Company
21 West Bay Street
Savannah, GA 31401

Let’s get something very clear:

This place is haunted.

It’s been documented over and over by television shows, ghost hunters, etc.

Bottles have been seen flying.

People have been mysteriously pushed.

And the staff will not go anywhere without a +1.

When we walked in to have a drink and write this piece, we immediately got the chills — the kind you only get in a place that has a dark history.

Savannah herself has been billed the most haunted metropolis in America.

But in a city full of things that go bump in the night, Moon River Brewing might just be the nucleus.

That being said [see: us washing our hands of your little dog barking at imaginary things], if you can time it right [see: daytime, cause ain’t nobody got time for no ghosts], you + your four-legged friend will have a nice table to find shade under, with a big bowl of good water and you, my friend, will be able to sip on one of the city’s best brews.

Which means you start with a flight of beer and end up downing enough pints to put the fear of Jesus into any being, otherworldly or otherwise — or so you think.

Good luck — You’re gonna need it.


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