The Chart Room
300 Chartres Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

This article is biased, to be completely frank, as it happens to be about one of our favorite bars in the world.

Author: Drinker.
Favorite: Out of all of them.
In the world: And there have been many.

But instead of sharing our own hundreds [literally] of evenings here, we’ll simply state the facts:

  1. It’s in the perfect location: On a corner a few streets off of Bourbon Street – meaning you can hear the evil of what Hand Grenades + strip clubs with no dress code [for either] bring, but you won’t go home with any of it on your shirt.
  2. It’s perfectly designed: Set inside an old house full of French doors that wrap around a corner, causing the music and breeze to float in and out like the sobriety you once remembered.
  3. The bartender: Plan it correctly and you’ll happen upon a twirly mustached fella named Chris. Chris has been running this city for many, many years, yet still finds time to make sure everyone is having exactly what they need to have.
  4. The clientele: Perhaps too fancy a word for them, but this bar is affectionately known as “The Living Room” to 80% of the city’s service industry. It’s a bartender’s bar. A chef’s escape. A waiter’s place he runs down to for a shot of whiskey when British tourists a few blocks away at Felix’s keep asking for more bread.
  5. The jukebox: Until you’ve heard “Summertime in New Orleans” being played to the sounds of everyone quietly singing along, you ain’t had a true NOLA experience.
  6. The dog policy: Bring ‘em.
  7. The closing hours: Usually around 6 AM. Back open at 11 AM.
  8. It’s the greatest bar in America. No, the world.

…So just go.

You can blame us/them for making you decide to move to New Orleans later.


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