Valley Green Inn
7 Valley Green Road
Philadelphia, PA 19128


A pain to get to.

Very rustic.

Animals — aside from dogs — running around.

Not the healthiest food.

… These are all reasons we adore Valley Green Inn.

It’s one of those spots that comes seemingly out of nowhere — announcing its charms to those hiking the postcard-like trails of Forbidden Drive. Within minutes, you’re transported back to the South of Great Britain — a pub, with chimney roaring, in the distance. Men and their pints. Women and their aperitif. Dogs and their tails. Kids and that weird burnt syrup smell they get after being outside.

It’s Southern as much as it is Rustic, New England as much as it is Olde England.

And the menu seemingly knows your recent hike justifies a bit of filth. Tasty bits like a Crabcake Benedict and homemade Ricotta Gnudi leap out to tempt your weak morals. As you eat and imbibe, you’ll notice those who dined before you finishing with a Hot Buttered Rum before asking for the correct direction of the hiking trail, ‘cause nobody wants another 127 Hours on their hands.

And dogs — dogs run the show. This is a Coachella for them, minus the outfits. Everyone’s dirty, stinky, friendly — and why wouldn’t you be?

You’re in one of Philly’s greatest gems.


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