Carnitas Michoacan [The Original] 
1901 N. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90031

People in Los Angeles just adore complaining about stuff. If it’s not their sports teams, it’s the 405, and if it’s not the 405, it’s something about the lack of parking or smog or whatever.

But what Angelenos have that New Yorkers don’t is amazing Mexican food.

Well, let us tell ya—having just gotten back from LA, the only thing we would have complained about is that there’s no good cheap good available 24 hours a [explicit] day.

Oh wait. Yes there is.

And it’s all at Carnitas Michoacan.

Think of it like a taco truck gone fancy, with some lights and good cheap grub and that Mexican Coke everyone makes such a big deal about.

Huge portions.
Amazing laid-back atmosphere.
Proper Mexican food [not Tex-Mex].
Dog friendly.
…AND OPEN 24/7.

So stop complaining and move in.

We’re seriously considering it.


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