Gallery Espresso
234 Bull Street
Savannah, GA 31401

This is an unfair post to write, just so you know.

It’s unfair because as we write this, we’re sitting outside at Gallery Espresso. That cool Savannah breeze is blowing from the place where Forrest sat on a park bench and over to the tables. Little leftover crumbs are being picked up by happy little birds and the mood around Chippewa Square is so slow that even our friend’s Labrador isn’t bothered to chase said birds.

Savannah itself is almost impossible to be unbiased about – even if she was mean (which she’s not), the old houses, big hats, ghosts on every corner and that gorgeous Southern drawl conspire to play upon even the harshest critic’s heartstrings.

But we digress. This is about a nice little café that you can visit with your pooch.

And what a café it is – a funky yet sizable bohemian interior with a perfect corner location that allows tables to be set up at a right angle. Some delicious sweet treats inside, excellent espresso (note spelling + pronunciation, please; calling it “ex-presso” makes us want to paunch you) and a SCAD crowd that only adds to the city’s cred.

Only bad thing we can say about it? Stay away from the salads.

Plan on staying a few hours at this café; a few days in the city.


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