722 East Burleigh Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212




Ever since people in Manhattan started arguing—martinis in hand—over Georgia O’Keeffe’s intentions, the term “art” has taken on a new meaning.

Meaning: Shut up.

However, some good people—especially in the city of Milwaukee—are putting the fun of art back in, and taking the pretension out.

And they’re doing it well.

To start, the good people at Art*Bar allow dogs inside. Keep ‘em behaving and they can run around.

Next, the entertainment: Magicians and comedians occasionally stop by to try out their newest material here.

As for the drinks, they’re cheap. Feel like taking a cue from the aforementioned magicians? Get the “mystery beer” for $2. It will be served to you in a paper bag—and you will be expected to drink it that way. Just like poor people! How derelique.

Add pinball and pool and a nice, not too raucous crowd and you’ve got a bar that we love simply because it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

And of course, the dogs make it that much more fun.

This has got to be the way art was meant to be.


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