Upslope Brewing Company [Lee Hill]
1501 Lee Hill Road N20 
Boulder, CO 80304

Places like Upslope are dangerous.

Think about it. Here, you have:

  • Some of the best microbrews in the state, especially the IPA. Fresh from the tap.
  • Bartenders who not only know beer, but know what pairs well with beer. Beer and cheese, please.
  • A wine selection. While the area isn’t known for its grapes [or grape intelligence], Upslope’s sommelier is a gift from the gods.
  • Desserts, which naturally pair well with wine. Or without wine. They’re desserts, for God’s sake! Who needs a pairing?
  • The patio. Exactly the kind of patio people not from Colorado think about when they think about a Colorado patio. People in GoreTex. Dogs. Beer. Hiking shoes.
  • Rotating food trucks with snacks that will surely make tomorrow’s hangover just a tad less horrible.

Add to all that: a fantastic staff that honestly seem to enjoy what they’re doing, and a perfect location for either sticking around, or making a move elsewhere around [see: Boulder Valley Ranch a five minute drive away].

The takeaway? Upslope should be on your Boulder itinerary. If you’re a dog owner who loves beer and snacks and nature and wine AND dessert.

But, of course you are.


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