Crown and Anchor Pub
1350 E Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89119

For some inexplicable reason, foreigners flock to the dusty and dirty town of Las Vegas, hoping for a bit of America, a bit of luck, or [more likely]  just being able to drink for free and visit Spearmint Rhino under the guise of “seeing the country.”

What this translates into, though, is a menagerie of accents [or, simply, slurring] on the neon strip, wondering how $500 managed to free itself quicker than the Fremont magic shows.

The answer is simple: it’s a town built on bad decisions.

So, what is left when you and Fido—fresh off a road trip—don’t want any more of the Elvis weddings and selfish beddings?

The comfort of a pub.

A pub with real Brits and tasty chips. Where soccer is shown, but not promoted. Where a pint of ale won’t run you $20, and where you can either pull up a chair to a stranger, or pull it away. The choice is yours.

It’s not fancy by any means, and the outfits the waitresses are made to wear belong more at the aforementioned strip club than at a place where food is served, but we’ll chalk that one up to being in Vegas.

The best part would be the patio. Dogs make pals while locals unsuccessfully try to do the same.

So why include this in our list? Because—as weird as this may sound—it’s authenticity.

What you see is what you get…
As long as you have no problem visualizing a British Pub in the middle of the Nevada desert.


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