The Argonaut
1433 H St. NE
Washington, DC 20002

In the tornado of offerings that is the wanna-be “hustling” area of H street, only a few can withstand the hipster reviews and ever-changing climate.

Add to that, a citywide need for pet-friendly spots to hang and a decent menu and you’re looking at only a select few that would make the grade.
Fortunately, The Argonaut does—and does well.

Never mind that it’s yet to completely figure out what its identity truly is—a bar, a bar with snacks, a restaurant/bar, a tavern, a family-friendly place, a non-family friendly place, a dive, a local—this is one place that has been counted on to at least kind-of-deliver and has for a while now.

As pet owners, we can’t help but adore their “Yappy Hour”—which includes dog treats, free hush puppies [get it?], and all dogs allowed up on the patio [despite an apparent city ordinance].

Drinks are good, craft beer is better, food is mostly enjoyable, live music is sometimes on offer, crowd is laid-back and service is reliable.

Meaning: a solid 8, in our books.
Meaning: give it a try.


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