Varga Bar
941 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Oh Vargas. With your sultry paintings’ come-hither eyes and tantalizing poses. You helped many of us boys [and girls] through boring art classes on cubism, theory and—shudder—watercolors and ushered the boudoir movement, which we’re now—as adults—so happy for.

Another spin-off? Vargas-inspired bars. That like dogs. You were wondering how we were going to tie this whole thing in, yes?

Enter: Varga Bar.

Dark themes and paintings as already mentioned.
Snacks that are so much more than snacks [see: crab fries + Kobe beef chili].
Drinks that you only need two of, but will probably have four.
10+ craft beers on tap, all tastefully chosen.
A crowd that teeters between hip and hopeless.
And a dog friendly patio.

Much, much more could be said about this spot, but to be honest, we’re deliberately keeping some of the best surprises to ourselves.

So let us say this…

Study up on Vargas.
Go visit Varga Bar.

…and we’ll leave it at that, for now.


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