Hula’s Modern Tiki
4700 N Central Avenue #122
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Tiki bars are hard to update.

I mean, we’re talking Los Angeles in the early 1930’s when it all began.

Drinks were strong.
Crowd was dapper, yet in comfortable clothes.
Hula Girls could be called “Hula Girls” as opposed to whatever the new politically correct term is for them…“Spinning Hoop Person”?

And it has remained unchanged—justifiably so—for almost 90 years.
So why a “modern” experience?

Hula’s. That’s why.

Leaning heavily on theme, but not décor nor menu, this little dog friendly first date spot is the perfect mix between fun and fashionable. Sure, you can wear flip flops, but that’ll make you look ridiculous. Linen is probably as far as you want to go with the dress code.

Food, is good (as far as tiki bars go). Decor, kitschy (but in a good way). The menu has all the usual tiki bar suspects—coconut, shrimps, and mango make many an appearance, but not in an overly done fashion.

Drinks are strong—this remains unchanged. Very, very strong. Get there for happy hour and your alcoholic tendencies are about to have their budget cut by 20% a month.

But best of all, it’s the dogs running around outside [okay, they’re on leash, but there’s still some running around chairs going on]. It just adds to the festive vibe Hula’s already has.


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