Cantina Marina
600 Water Street SW
Washington, DC 20024

Things we never thought we’d write about Washington, DC.

  • “What a fun bar!”
  • “What nice people!”
  • “What wonderful Cajun food!”
  • “Look at all of these dogs!”

But, lo and behold, here we are.

This is a town that takes itself far too seriously. (Don’t believe us? Leave your earbuds at home and listen in to how “important” everyone’s phone conversation is.) Spend enough time in DC, and you might start to feel part of a cohort that wears  nothing but suits, thinks Crossfit and creatine is a good idea of a hobby, lectures the homeless on why they won’t give them a dollar, and feels there is no life outside of politics.

Humor? Self Deprecation? You won’t find it on every corner in DC, but to know there are pockets of it… that gives us hope.

Now, the next thing you’re going to say about the establishment in question—the Cantina Marina down there on the waterfront—is that it’s touristy.

No, it’s not. The Lincoln Memorial is touristy.

This is a fun spot to spend a few hours on a sunny weekend with your dog.

“A fun bar!”—It is. Zydeco on the speakers and the kind of laughs that can only come with wishing you were in New Orleans, but can’t be.

“What nice people!”—Right? But they’re here. Practically in droves! Funny how that works, the nice people hanging out with the other nice people.

“What wonderful Cajun food!”—Okay, it’s not wonderful. But it’s good. It’s beyond good. It’s the best you’re gonna get anywhere outdoors with your dog.

“Look at all those dogs!”—The best part. They’re everywhere.

So come on down, forget the gray mediocrity of where you currently live for an afternoon and actually enjoy the city for a few hours.

It’s what’s good for your country.


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