New Yorkers love their lists.

They’ll play it off like they don’t care about lists, but they love lists.

“Greatest city in the world” they like to say, implying there’s a list.

“Why is the train late again?!” they’ll moan, implying there’s a list.

“Let’s all go to Montauk!” they’ll suggest, hoping to be seen on a list.

So here’s a list. A summertime list. A summertime list for best bars in the greatest city in the world to hang with your dog, who literally does not care about lists.

The Growler 
Dog portraits inside, dog friendly porch outside. And lots of beer for when someone comes in with a Labradoodle and you’re needing a way of biting your tongue.

The Cherry Tavern
Cheap drinks. Dogs allowed. Good jukebox. Constant staff favorite.

If you simply must go to Williamsburg, you seriously need to bring your pooch along so you have someone to roll your eyes to when the latest hipster fashion trudges by. Dogs get all-access [rare in the city] and you get a strong cocktail and bearable patrons.

Mission Dolores
Time it right and you can get your dog, the much-coveted “Park Slope” geotag, lots of white space, and a cocktail all in one Instagram photo. Making you one kombucha away from being completely insufferable.

Bar Great Harry
Cozy, but not crowded. Hip, but not hipster. Get there early to tie up near one of the massive doors and prepare to stay all day.

For more dog friendly summer favorites, check in with waggle daily [or hourly, if you really need something to do].


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