Poogan’s Porch
72 Queen Street
Charleston, SC 29401

Poor Poogan’s Porch.

The Art Garfunkle of dining on Queen Street, forever playing second fiddle to the neighboring HUSK (a restaurant voted “Best In America” by Bon Appetit a few years back).

Here you’ll find people and pets sitting outside, some clearly wishing they’d made reservations next door after realizing there’s a 2-hour wait. So with an air of surrender, they capitulate. “Well, I guess we could go to Poogan’s.” Sigh.

That ain’t nice.

Especially considering that Poogan’s happens to be one of Charleston’s oldest and most respected places to chow down. Did they make that famous magazine list? No. No they did not. Does that matter? Not really. It’s sure to hurt feelings, but they’re taking it on the chin and constantly impressing a crowd that wasn’t expecting all that much anyway.

And, for those willing to give them a try, you’ll also most certainly experience the famous ghost…

You think us kidding.

You think them kidding.

An old Southern tale told to distance themselves from being an alternative to HUSK.

But we’re not.

Her name is Zoe and her sightings have been so common, that Travel Channel named Poogan’s “The Most Haunted Restaurant In America”.

Take that, HUSK.

But all hauntings aside, if you’re looking for solid low country plates, with a dog-friendly porch and good cocktails, then give Poogan’s a chance.

A proactive chance, and not just ‘cause you couldn’t get in next door.


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