Grafiti Kitchen and Bar
302 Fairview Street
Houston, TX 77006

We love dogs.

That should be obvious, seeing how we’re all dog owners and founded Waggle.

It should be very, very clear that we like dogs.

In certain circumstances, we like them even more than humans.

So when we tell you that the folks at Grafiti Kitchen and Bar scare us with their adoration of dogs, we need you to believe us.

Remember when Luke made C-3PO fly in front of the Ewoks and they all lost their sh*t and thought he was a god?

That’s kinda what happens whenever a canine walks into Grafiti.

We’re not sure whether we should be jealous, or scared.

But there’s no way we can be all about dogs unless we mention them.

So we’re just going to list a few key points and facts about them, and let you make up your own mind:

  • They have a yearly Paw-berry Margarita Fundraiser… to benefit dogs.
  • They occasionally have a Weinermobile Photo Booth… for dogs.
  • They’ll make a Doggie Dinner so your pet can eat with you.

Again—them’s just the facts.

As far as the human experience, it frankly blows. Food is mediocre at best, service is worse and drinks taste like they’ve been sitting around pre-made for hours.

So why would we even bother reviewing this spot?

Because—with a few tweaks—this could be a most-wonderful place.

And hey, if they’re willing to give your dog all the love it deserves, it can’t be all bad.


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