212 Southwest Stark Street
Portland, OR 97204

Let’s assume that, despite your choice in music today (seriously, what is that all about?), you have a creative imagination.

Okay, so now let’s go back in time—to 1969—to when the living Lincoln Log that is Cracker Barrel was founded (don’t worry, this isn’t about Cracker Barrel). And now let’s imagine that, instead of being conceived in Tennessee, its first flagship store was in Paris.

That’s right—a French version of Cracker Barrel.

You’d have Mother’s.

Now, no one wants to be compared to the Barrel and that’s fair—we’re not really pitting the two against each other, but it’ll give those who don’t have this on their weekly To Visit list, a glimpse of what’s to come.

All of the charm of an intimate bistro, but without the arrogance.

Exposed brick, but not exposed traffic.

Comfort food at an even more comfortable price.

A patio for your four-legged friend without having to sneak him in in that weird purse you have.

And—best of all—a love for Moms everywhere. Doubters should peruse the Mom of the Month feature, where they literally cook your Mom’s recipes.

So don’t get dressed up, but definitely change out of those yoga pants and head over to Mother’s.

She’d like that.


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