We speak for all New Yorkers when we say, NYC has much love for Chicago. And as long as everyone can agree that it’s NOT pizza, we’ll get along just fine. Deal? Deal. Okay, here’s where to find you and your pooch the best spots to escape that famous Chicago summer this…summer.

Cody’s Public House
One of our favorite things about Chicago is the neighborhood bars—and Cody’s is no exception. Probably the nicest people in Lakeview, with a fine selection of cheap beer, a quirky crowd, and a massive outdoor area in the back to mingle with your dog. Keep ‘em on leash, though, please.

Four Moon Tavern
Now—we have to admit—while it’s an excellent place for you and your dog, what really keeps us coming back to Four Moon Tavern is the bread they use. Many will swear that it’s the best grilled cheese in town, but it’s simply the best bread. Also, beer. Also, dog friendly patio. Go, sit, stay.

Spent all of your money on dog toys? Looking for a place where you can pay for strong drinks with change out of your hair-covered couch? Then look no further than SmallBar. Dog friendly. People-friendly-ish. A perfect vibe for pet owners.

The SoFo Tap
Rarely do we get to say ‘both inside and outside’ will happily accommodate you and your pooch, but SoFo makes it work. What many people would consider to be ‘rough,’ we can assure you it’s not. It’s local. Blue collar. Lots of dogs. So you can say it’s ‘ruff’? Okay, okay…moving on.

Cornerstone Café
Brunch galore, without a bunch of college girls and their selfie sticks [#brunchsohard]. Plenty of friendly dogs outside and a perfect spot to wake up, coffee up, and dog…up? Or, you know, whatever.

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P.S. Go Mets!

…just kidding.


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