To those in San Francisco—the most expensive place in the U.S. and possibly the universe to live—who both a) own dogs and b) take them up and down those picturesque hills, we salute you.


None of this satirical snark you’ve come to love. Genuine admiration. So, let us make sure you’re treating both yourself and your pooch to the best that San Fran [kidding—we know you hate that] San Francisco has to offer.

Holy Water [Bernal Heights]

While we were much bigger fans of their previous name [Stray Bar], we can’t help but applaud the move up in the mixology movement [as if you weren’t paying enough for cocktails]. Dogs are still highly encouraged, and they make what’s probably the best Pimm’s Cup in town.

Casanova Lounge [Mission]

If John Hughes had made Pretty In Pink with the cast of Air Bud, it’d have been filmed at this spot. At first sight, you might not think they allow dogs inside, but trust us – they do. They allow most anything inside. Go early + leave early, less you suffer Fabulouses Stimulases.

Presidio Social Club [Presidio]

While not mind-blowing, this spot’s proximity for those who have guests who insist on walking to the bridge is what makes it a good summertime pick. You bring Fido and wait for them while snacking and drinking and re-thinking getting that two bedroom.

Mojo Bicycle Café [Western Addition]

Gorgeous to look at. Friendly mechanics. Dog obsessed. Great people watching. Shockingly decent menu. Smart cocktails. One of our staff favorites [and we’re super bitchy. Get it? Bitchy? ‘Cause we’re dog people…nevermind]. Just go there.

Park Chow [Inner Sunset]

Every list needs one constant, across-the-board pick—and this is it. Big ceilings and friendly service. Outstanding food and staff who are more than happy to see you and your dog. Best for between lunch and dinner, but somehow they’ve always found room for us even at the busiest times. Pro: the egg scrambles. Con: kids [kidding]. 

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