3422 N Shepherd Drive
Houston, TX 77018

If you’re a friend of waggle, you’ll know we can’t help but make the occasional dig at Houston.

So when we say that we’re tempted to give out the award for Best Dog-Friendly Bar Design to Cottonwood, it hurts us more than you know.

Fortunately, they just miss the mark by putting up a television to the right of what would be any Art Deco nerd’s wet—albeit perfectly aligned—dream.

That abomination aside, stop for a second and look at this bar. Flawless. Mid-century Modern meets the most fabulous bistro you can imagine. Peppered with hints of Bauhaus and right angles. Colors you’d never pair work perfectly together.

But then there’s that television. Grrr.

To the patio—wide open. Café lights and big picnic tables to fit both locals, their dogs and jeans bedazzled with the 2nd Amendment. Near beer is the norm, but a bit of sleuthing will turn up a halfway decent alternative to Lone Star [good in pictures only], the best snack on offer being—of course—a Squirrel Master burger [probably not a real squirrel, but this is Texas so possibly a real squirrel]. As long as you can keep the $40,000 millionaires smelling of Fireball and goatees at bay, it’s an enjoyable place to spend the afternoon.

Nights get rowdy, but that’s to be expected.

As a dog-owner, plan to stop by between 3-6pm during the week and you’ll be fine.

Any other time and you might be unfortunately reminded that you’re still in Houston.


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