Benson Brewery
6059 Maple Street 
Omaha, NE 68104

In an almost Frank Sinatra Jr. story that gripped the entire town—nay, state—the week-long disappearance and happy ending of Barley, the mascot/greeter/face/boss of Benson Brewery, might as well have been a made for TV special.

And not only did it end with his reuniting with the town of Omaha’s hearts, it also spurred the brewery to be the frontrunner as to how—exactly—dog friendly bars should be. There were many before it, sure. And there will be many after it. But what Benson Brewery has done is literally run with the idea, as not long after Barley’s return, a plan was set in motion to create a 12 table biergarten, and one that will gladly accept four-legged friends along with their two-legged counterparts.

Cold water taps and snacks made from leftover barley [get it?] await Fido, and a large selection of some of the best microbrew in the area await the rest of us. Add to that an impressive design/décor and a decent food offering and you not only have a perfect setting for an afternoon session, but you’re also telling the city exactly what needs to happen.

Barley was lost.
A new dog friendly movement was found.

And if that ain’t enough to get you out to Benson, then might we suggest becoming a cat owner?


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