Che Café
7316 North Lombard Street
North Portland, OR 97227

All this time in the Pacific Northwest has made you healthier, true.

But it’s also made you quick to judge—this is also true.

(We’ll blame that passive aggressiveness on being so close to Canada.)

Meaning—we know the tone and raised eyebrow that will accompany your rhetorical question:

“How can a food cart make a list for the best dog-friendly spots in Portland?!”

Hear us out:

Yes. All food carts are dog-friendly because they’re food carts and outside and dogs are allowed outside so calling it “dog friendly” isn’t exactly true because they have to be.

We get it.

However, when we’re talking about the best food cart in the city, we feel like it deserves to be mentioned.

Also, this is our website and you don’t have the admin password so shut up and learn something.

What Che Café is doing with a seemingly normal menu is nothing short of angelic. Soups, sandwiches, wraps, burgers. What’s the big deal?

It’s all in the service—top notch!—and the sauces. Oh, the sauces.

Namely, the Mowhawk Sauce.

Ask anyone in the area to identify what actually goes in that Mohawk sauce and things will get West Side Story real quick.

Is it garlic + ginger or mustard?

Do they really use Wasabi?

Where does that tang come from?

Might sound trite—basing an entire post on some sauce, but that’s only because you haven’t tried it yet.

And we highly suggest you do.

You big judger, you.


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