If you’re reading this and actually live in Savannah and actually have a dog you get to walk through those dreamy squares + parks, then let us abandon our usual snark and tell you how jealous we are of you. Absolutely jealous. So, just in case you don’t already know, here’s where you and your pooch should be spending your long, hot, slow, wonderful dog friendly Savannah summer days.

Gallery Espresso
When we visit Savannah, we practically live at this café. Get there early enough to get a seat outside and you + your four-legged friend can both enjoy the shade and the spot where Forrest sat on a bench. Go for the croissant [best in town], stay for the Italian soda.

Foxy Loxy 
An old house converted into a bar/café with tacos that could ‘start a revolution.’ With the artsy crowd all on their Apple products inside, you and Fido can easily snag a spot to sit outdoors and watch the SCAD kids skate by.

The Olde Pink House
Touristy? Kind of. But if you get there between dining times, you’ll be sitting beneath architectural history. Drinks are good [read: strong]. The food is so-so for the prices, but to know you and your mutt are secretly making the old-money couple next to you a bit nervous makes it worth every penny.

Sentient Bean
Hipster or homeless? Tourist or local? Oh! The games you and your dog can play while sitting right across from the southern end of Forsythe Park. Good wifi. Strange crowd. Excellent spontaneous music.

Moon River Brewing Company 
Is it THE best brewery in town? No. It’s, probably, the third best. But when you factor in being able to grab a local pint for you and some cool water for your four-legged pal while letting the day just drift by, then this makes this the best brewery for such an occasion. Stick to weekdays though, if you can, as weekends can get too crowded for you and your +1.

What did we miss?
What did we get wrong?
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