Psycho Suzie’s
1900 Marshall Street
Minneapolis, MN 55418

Imagine—if you will—that Quentin Tarantino went to drop acid for six months in Northern California just a few weeks before enrolling in film school. His vision would have most likely stayed the same, but instead of the gore and shock, he turned to happier endings.

We’re pretty sure the alternate ending would look like Psycho Suzie’s.

It’s a garish grindhouse, an MC born out of a gay pride parade, a Polynesian bar…if Polynesia was an island near Detroit.

Some might call it misguided, but something about the name tells us ain’t no one gonna lose too much sleep over that.

Fulfilling many needs—namely those of edible food, of over-the-top drinks, of a dog friendly river front patio, and of a tattooed-but-not-dangerous crowd—we’re drawn to Suzie’s not for what they intended, but for what they didn’t.

Nerds and Neanderthals.
Betties and barflies.
Hip cats and riff-raff.

All of it. With dogs. And strong libations.

Surrounded by that Minnesota niceness that makes some of us uncomfortable.


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