Dog owners love movies. We don’t know what that’s about, but they’re forever one-in-the-same. Although, that kind of sums up most of the general population—people who like dogs and movies, but dog owners do love movies.

The problem is, a lot of dog films are quite close to the saddest thing you can ever watch [we once thought Marley and Me was a story about reggae until it was too late] and—being dog owners—we like being happy [unlike cat owners], so here are five go-to films that won’t have you rethinking your entire life.

Without further ado,  here they are [complete with a quick synopsis in case you’re super behind the times].

5. 101 DalmatiansIt’s almost like the two parent dogs were Irish Americans who just kept having kids and then shenanigans ensue, and then some Anna Wintour-type character comes along and makes it all evil, yet super fashionable, and then there’s this Sinatra Jr.-kind of kidnapping, but in the end, all 101 live. Hooray!

4. FrankenweenieBefore The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead Bachelorette and others came onto the scene, Tim Burton was working his stop-motion-y/animated magic with this underrated gem. Technically, yes—the dog starts out dead, but comes back to life, so shut up.

3. Air Bud: Don’t you even start rolling your eyes—this was a fantastic film. A kid has social anxiety, until a Labrador who can sit, speak, roll over, and DUNK comes along and helps win games and teach lessons. And all without having to wear one of those Service Dog vests.

2. The Shaggy D.A.: 1976, kids. Nineteen-seventy-freaking-six and we have some visionary saying “Look, this film noir is all the rage, but I feel like we’re not speaking to the younger audience so what should we do?” And then some other visionary says “Let’s give the detective an ability to turn into a dog when he wants!” and then it’s like BOOM. PRINT. MAGIC. Haters will point out that there was a resurgence in LSD usage in the Hollywood area in the mid-70s, but that could just be hearsay.

1. Best In Show: While anything from the mind of Christopher Guest is going to be brilliant, an insight into how amazingly nutty dog owners can be might just be his best. All of the usual suspects show up here, but Fred Willard—before his, ahem, adult film watching antics—steals the show. Actually, knowing what he was doing in that movie theater makes this movie even better.

…Did we leave anything out?
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