Hey, cat owners! Can you name any songs that deal with cats?

Anything about them…We’re totally open here.

[Waiting] [Waiting] [Waiting]

Cats are terrible and no one has ever penned a song about them because they are evil.

Dogs, however…loads of songs about dogs. Loads of artists who love dogs. This should tell you something. Namely, dogs rule. So, here are our top five favorite songs that include dogs.

5. Baha Men: “Who Let The Dogs Out”
Granted, this led to an insufferable punch line anytime anyone honestly wanted to know, but was there ever a more poignant tune written? The chorus of “Huh. Huh huh huh-huh!” sings to a lyrical brilliance that might explain why they never made another song again. Would you? Mic drop.

4. John Lennon: “Martha, My Dear”
Long before he got super annoying and probably started owning cats [Yoko has to be a cat person, let’s be honest], he once penned a gorgeous little track to his dog. “Hold your head up, silly girl” sums up what it’s like to have a dog as your best friend, and right now everyone named Martha is probably super pissed-off after finding out that—again—Martha was his dog.

3. Dolly Parton: “Cracker Jack” 
While some speculate that this was secretly a message about her husband’s constant need for attention and praise, Dolly’s delivery about woods, childhood, and friendship should be required reading for anyone about to adopt.

2. Harry Nilsson: “The Puppy Song”
Look, no Harry Nilsson = no good music after the 1960s. You have him to thank for 90% of the songs you listen to now and if Harry Nilsson pens a ditty about puppies, then you can be damn sure it’s going to make this list. “And walk along beside the sea / Share a bit of moon with me”—C’MON!

1. Elvis: “Hound Dog”
Now, while this isn’t really about dogs, there’s no way that The King mentioning anything about dogs couldn’t top this list. Yes, there’s a few sexual innuendos about leg-humping and perhaps it’s a slight commentary on how terrible boys are, but it’s The King and The King always tops the list.

What are your favorite go-to songs about man’s best friend?
Email us and we just might include it in our next one.


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