When the weather hits just perfect, it’s hard to beat Seattle. Granted, you get about six of those days a year, but hey…you take what you can get, right? Oklahoma City did. OH SNAP. We kid.

Here are our favorite dog friendly Seattle spots to take your flannel shirt and pooch to this summer.

Le Pichet
Probably the best croissant in town. And Seattle knows how to bake [get it?], so that’s saying something. Proper coffee as well. Plus a dog friendly patio. And they don’t mind you sitting around all day stealing their wifi.

King’s Hardware
Brought to you by Linda—as in, Linda-who-owns-the-four-best-bars-in-Seattle—this very Pacific Northwest hideaway jumps off the set of The Shining, if it’d been directed by David Lynch. Great beer. Good folks. Dog lovers.

Café Bambino
Another coffee shop! We know, we know—hard to find [but hey, at least it’s not another Starbucks]. What sets this one apart are the delicious snacks for both you and your four-legged friend. Great backyard as well. And Mighty O donuts! Win.

Boxcar Alehouse
Here’s one for you. A bar that allows dogs inside! Right? In a city known for regulations, it’s nice to know there’re still good neighborhood spots with both beer and an open-door policy for your pup. Very friendly towards both two and four-legged patrons.

Dick’s Drive-In
Can your dog run around in the parking lot? No. Is your dog allowed inside? Nope. So why does this spot make our list? Because how many times can you and your pooch eat in the car in the place that Sir Mix-A-Lot featured on his “Posse On Broadway” video? Exactly.

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