Govn’r Park Tavern
672 Logan Street
Denver, CO 80203

Of all the things we detest—raisins, hip-hop post 1998, people who lie about needing a “service dog”—the all-American sports bar is up there on the list.

Which means that if we’re including a sports bar in our list of recommended spots, it must be something other than a sports bar.

And it is.

See, Govn’r Park Tavern is a dog-loving, nice-people attending, decent-menu offering spot for those of us who don’t mind sports, but most likely do not own a jersey of any kind, and most certainly wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one out in public.

And the best spot to be is outside. Bikes line the walkway and while you can still see the screen of your favorite team, you don’t have to hear the Fireball-induced collegiate chants that are sure to follow. Fido will be happy with other well-behaved pups out on the patio. If the people watching inside is proving unsatisfactory, those that stumble down Logan after an all day drinking session are.

Food is about what you’d expect: Wings. Burgers. The sad attempts of white people trying to make Mexican dishes. But it’s all done in good humor and at the end of the day, it’s a bar that you’ll find yourself popping in for one or two during the week. You can leave your jersey at home.


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